Roulette Table: The Advantage Of Wide Bets Range & Different Limits

With the development of the Internet, roulette has become more diverse, and many different versions and branches have appeared. In classic roulette, numbers from 1 to 36, as well as “0”, also called “zero,” are applied to the wheel. A roulette table is a field on which the same numbers as on the online roulette wheel are displayed in the form of a table, as well as various types of bets.

Roulette Table: General Aspects, Strategy & Odds

The goal of the roulette game is to predict the winning number and make a bet on it. Bets can be divided into three types. Internal Bets (Inside Bets) – these are bets on specific numbers, which are located on the playing field in the form of a table. Outside Bets are all other bets, namely: red/white, odd / even, number intervals, etc. The term “external” came from the fact that such bets are placed on the fields located on the edge of the playing field with numbers. Virtually all participants can bet on all numbers at casino roulette table. Besides:

  • Making bets on additional fields common to some numbers of roulette table can also help to develop a strategy on how to win roulette;
  • Payout ratios in case of a win are usually standard but may vary depending on the type of roulette. It should be borne in mind that the very designation of rates may vary;
  • When betting on “red”, the payout can be indicated as 2:1. But in some casinos, such a payout can be indicated 1:1 and shows a net win;
  • Roulette table is a mathematically determined device based on the fact that roulette odds and payouts are not equal (usually less) to the chances of a winning number.

In practice, roulette is unpredictable, and history knows cases where players won and lost large amounts of money at roulette just because they were too lucky or, on the contrary, were not.

Types Of Roulette: The Distinctive Features

This simple game has several varieties: there is American and European roulette, as well as French, which is similar to European. Now about all the nuances:

  • In European roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors, painted in red and black, while the colors must be alternated. Each of the sectors is numbered from 0 to 36. The sectors are distributed so that the ball with equal probability could stop at each digit;
  • The main feature of American roulette is in the presence of the “double zero” sector. Despite some differences between European and American roulette table, the rules and roulette strategy remain almost unchanged;
  • The French version allows players to play roulette with maximum win even in case of failure with the “zero”. It is possible thanks to the rules of “En Prison” and “La Partage”.

Although the size of gambling tables in online casinos is much closer to the American one, roulette is mainly called European.

Roulette online game for Aussies

Roulette online game is a year-round charming casino classic for players, and the obvious reason why online casino Australia players love it is its simplicity.

Roulette online game for Aussies

Online Roulette play rules are really very simple: make bets on the Roulette table, after which the Roulette wheel with 37 or 38 numbers is spun. If the ball wheel settles in a pocket marked with the color (or, sure, number) chosen for a bet, the player is a winner! Besides, the game even does not require special skill — the gambler can count on mere luck.

Usually, the most often preferred version is French game variant, which offers greater winnings than the American version, for example, but online roulette is also available in a two-ball, a 3D and flash versions.

Live Roulette for AU players

It is guaranteed to be the most authentic version of the game. When traditional internet Roulette is handled purely via a computer, its live variant takes place in real-time with the right game manager and at the right table. A bunch of AU casinos offers Aussies to deal with a live croupier. This kind of game offers the right casino experience right up to the home couches and the atmosphere of a real casino is guaranteed to be present.

Besides, almost every AU casino offers a huge bonus that can go up well in value up to hundreds of AUD. Usually, the benefits are primarily for slot players, but higher quality casinos often also have a separate Roulette online bonus.

Roulette variations difference

The difference between American and European (or French) Roulette dictates the advantage of a casino. Without any Zeros, the advantage of the game would in many cases be on the player’s side. Thanks to Zero, the casino can offer roulette and guarantee itself a steady income. American type with 2 Zeros increases it to 5.3% from 2.7%, so newbies often prefer to start with a classic game version (36 numbers+1 Zero).

Australian casinos to play Roulette

There are dozens of legal licensed casinos that invite Green Continent residents, who love games of chance, to play Roulette online: they can try free online games no downloads slots with Roulette or gamble for real money. These are the AU casinos with the highest rating:

  • EmuCasino with Roulette online live games and the game simulators;
  • Casino-Mate with its stunning mobile fast version;
  • House of Jack dealing with BetSoft, Microgaming, and Play’n’Go soft;
  • Slots Million offering original Chinese, Mini, Double Ball Roulette games;
  • Rich Casino chosen by highrollers, etc

AU gamblers can also register at popular European and Asian legal casinos that welcome Australians and players from New Zealand and try their luck there. For example, Royal Panda, and William Hill have the highest rating. These gambling sites are always on the list of the best online casinos. Gamblers that pick Roulette play online free or making real-money bets.

Best Online Roulette – Canada Android Casinos Apps & Smart Betting Tips

Roulette is among the most appreciated luck-reliant casino games. You have no impact on where on the wheel the ball will land, which puts both beginners and experienced punters in identical conditions. Where the gambler’s decisions matter is the betting – with thought-out wagers, you’re way more likely to win. Find out what are the best online roulette (Canada) bets for the greatest chances of winning and get familiar with some of the most well-rounded Android casino apps with roulette games.

What Are The Best Bets To Make Playing The Best Online Roulette Canada?

The most lucrative bet in roulette is wagering on a single number, as it comes with a stunning payout of 35:1. If the ball stops in the predicted pocket, you get your wager back and a reward amounting to 35x your bet. However, your winning chance is rather minuscule – 37:1. Try this bet in the best free roulette game simulation to see how rarely it wins.

If you’re a roulette beginner looking for frequent wins, focus your attention on betting outside of the table. These bets on different groups of numbers offer moderate payouts, but the player’s winning odds are way higher.

Explaining Outside Bets In The Best Online Roulette Canada

Outside betting is an excellent low-risk option for beginners that offers high winning odds and allows for smaller bets.

  • Betting even money – your reward is equal to your wager (1:1 payout). Bet on one of the two colors, on the high half of the table (19-39) or its low half (1-18), or the number parity (even/odd). Your bet will cover 48.6% of the table.
  • Betting on dozens – the potential reward is twice your bet (2:1 payout). Wager on any of the three dozens to cover 32.4% of the table.
  • Betting on columns – one more 2:1 betting option with 32.4% coverage. Once again you wager on 12 numbers. This time they do not go in sequential order but form a column on the betting table.

The table coverage values provided above are true for European roulette. When you play the American game variant, your coverage with these bets will be 47.4% and 31.6%, respectively.

Explore The Best Online Roulette: Canada-Friendly Android Casino Apps

The criteria for choosing a mobile casino application are obvious. In addition to excellent mobile optimization, you need the software to provide a high level of security. A rich selection of roulette games goes without saying. Finally, a bountiful welcoming bonus is a perk many roulette gamblers look forward to. ComeOn Casino – a NetEnt-powered casino with about 10 roulette games and 5 live dealer tables. As a new depositor, you can treat yourself to the welcoming bonus reaching C$1500.
Royal Panda – a strong contender for the title of the best online roulette (Canada) app. All 35 roulette titles in this casino are fully optimized for mobile. Almost 30 live dealer roulette games await you as well. Your first deposit of up to C$1000 will be matched by the casino in full.
Jackpot City – 15 mobile games and about as many live dealer tables are prepared for you in this casino’s application. The casino will give you bonus cash encouragements on your first 4 deposits, totaling up to C$1600.

These casinos offer licensed gambling services both to Canadian punters and internationally. Their reputation is impeccable, and the mobile software works without a hitch.

Live roulette casino in Canada

Whenever it comes to playing roulette online, players may consider Canadian gambling sites to play the game. It offers an enormous variety of different interfaces and outstanding bonuses to enjoy. It is live casino roulette free gameplay that may be particularly interesting. Its environment simulates a land-based casino atmosphere really well and free mode ensures that no losses will ever be made. Live roulette casino also features the lightning roulette option that allows experiencing marvelous visual effects. It can also be enjoyed for free, so knowing the details on the matter are absolutely vital.

The best live roulette casinos in Canada

When individuals want to choose a live roulette casino, it is vital to choose the best most trusted, and safe casinos in Canada. The main purpose of a live casino is to ensure that layers can get the experience of a land-based casino right from their home or even whilst being away from there. So, apart from a high level of security and reliability, the visual effects play the most significant role. Gamblers can observe the real casino surroundings on their monitor or smart TV screen to simulate a real casino environment. The appearance of the female dealers also plays an important role and contributes to overall visual effects exceptionally well. Here are the sites:

  1. Wild casino;
  2. Las Atlantis casino;
  3. MyBookie casino;
  4. Bovada casino;
  5. Gambino slots casino;
  6. Big fish casino;
  7. Vera Vegas casino;
  8. Cool cat casino;
  9. GrandPrive casino;
  10. Planet7 casino.

All live dealer roulette online casinos offer excellent interfaces and outstanding terms. Players can rely on getting generous match-up bonuses, reload bonuses, and no deposit bonuses. Each resource offers its own promotion programs and even VIP schemes. Cutting-edge technologies are used to project what happens in the studio and what is projected on players’ screens.

Live lightning roulette free gameplay casino review

Live roulette casino digest would not come complete without free live lightning roulette review. This type of roulette is treated as the most interesting thanks to its special visual effects and extremely quick rounds. Initially, the game was developed by Evolution gaming. However, live free mode for such a game is now available. It uses the foundation of French roulette and players may also win as much as 500x of what has been placed as the wager. There are lots of casinos that offer such facilities today, it includes:

  • Wild casino with USD 5000.00 welcome bonus;
  • Superslots casino with USD 6000.00 over 3 deposits welcome bonus;
  • BoVegas casino with USD 5500.00 welcome bonus;
  • Drake casino with USD 6000.00 welcome bonus;
  • Bovada casino with USD 3000.00 welcome bonus.

Live roulette casino with its wheel spin ensures that the game runs blisteringly fast and winning potential is extremely high. The wins can be multiplied as much as 500x depended on what players have bet on and whether luck was on their side.

How to win casino roulette game

Roulette daily attracts millions of players. Unlike poker or blackjack which use strategy and thinking, roulette is a game of luck where you cannot try to bluff or count cards. However, it is possible to increase your chances of winning by following a few tips. Thus, how to win casino roulette in a real and online gambling house?

How to win casino roulette in Canada

The question of how to win playing roulette at casino is keen for all gamblers that love this game: people want to make big money. Here we have collected several tips for those, who have a serious intention to beat a casino.

Pick European game

Most casinos offer a choice of several roulette tables including American and European ones. Always choose the European one, because it only has a single 0 slot, which gives you a higher chance of winning and reduces the casino edge (to 2.63%).

Choose a licensed casino

Never play at a site with a low rating. It is doubtful that haters have left negative reviews. Any trusted casino must also have slots to let visitors try for free. There are also several roulette slot simulators there: play them and “dive” into the game.

Use the welcome bonuses

If the casino offers you free credits, take the opportunity to play them on the games available. Remember to consult the terms and conditions of the bonus before you start to know the precise rules. Then take advantage of the bonus to try to win more.

Win every time in roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance: this means that each roulette spin is always random, unrelated to the previous spin. All guys that ask about a casino roulette — how to win every time — must know it. Many gamblers tend to guess the outcome by looking at the previous round, but they have no connection. A number can come out 3 times in a row or red can come out 10 times. Casino sites use powerful RNGs, and each number is as likely to come up as any other with each spin of the wheel.

There are also some recommendations (even strategies) for newbies.

  1. If you are curious how to win casino roulette (win money), place two bets on the columns and half the sum on the red: the column from 3 to 36 has 8 red numbers and only 4 black. One of the roulette strategies is therefore to place a chip on red and two chips on columns 1 to 34 and columns 2 to 35. You thus cover 24 numbers out of 36 and the bet on red covers the red numbers on the third column. So you have 2 out of 3 chances of winning with your bets on both columns.
  2. Bet on a few low numbers (1-18) and the same amount on high numbers (19-36): This is another recommended online roulette strategy. Place bets on a few low numbers (1-18) and the same amount on high numbers. If a high number comes up, you are a winner, but also if the ball lands on one of your low numbers.
  3. Besides, you can read online about some popular like Martingale and learn them playing the game first for free.

Finally, never spend at a casino more than you planned, and you will be not disappointed in a game.

Bitcoin roulette online: download the best gambling games on your mobile phone

Gambling is a sphere of entertainment, that is loved and cherished for centruries. Since the period of the Ancient Greece, people are fascinated by this thrilling and exciting games. Yet, the gambling business isn’t financially profitable to many government structures. Or, doesn’t approved by the church. That’s why, at some countries gambling is banned.

Luckily, online casinos make everything possible and give opportunity to play even to people, in whose countries this activity is forbidden. There are even bitcoin casinos for people, who for some reasons don’t want to use a usual currency. They can easily make deposits, using e-wallets and withdraw winnings at the same crypto-currency. In this article we’ll be talking about the best bitcoin casino roulette mobile apps.

The best gambling bitcoin roulette games in Canada

In the 21st century online gambling became a truly worldwide hobby. Flexible, exciting and fascinating games became a part of everyday life.

Bookmakers tried their best to make this sphere comfortable to people of all nationalities, with different budget and preferences. That’s why we can clearly say, that no matter what are your requests, you’ll surely find what you need.

We’ve prepared a list of Canadian gambling platforms, where you can enjoy free roulette bitcoin games:

  • Alf casino – one of the best gambling bitcoin roulette online platforms, that has a wide selection of games and generous bonuses;
  • Betamo casino – an online casino with really pretty and easy to navigate website, that has a quick and comfortable withdrawal system;
  • JackpotCity casino – a gambling platform, that offers more than 400 games, including live dealer ones;

We recommend you to get familiar with all advantages and disadvantages of these online casinos and choose the one that suits you mostly.

The greatest bitcoin roulette apps for Android in Canada

Mobile gaming is definitely a comfortable way to entertain yourself, since it’s available at any place and any time. You can play games, being stuck in the endless traffic or staying at the exhausting queue, waiting for your friend at the cafe or during your lunch break.

Usually, gaming sessions on the mobile phone are shorter, yet they still can quickly make your mood better and bring some positive emotions.

There are some high-rated Canadian online bitcoin roulette apps:

  1. Betsafe casino – a great bitcoin roulette online apk with generous bonuses;
  2. Maneki casino;
  3. JustSpin;

Download apps on your device and enjoy exciting gaming sessions anytime you want!

How to beat online roulette

The goal of any game is, of course, to win. Nobody likes to lose, because only the winner can receive a monetary reward. If you prefer to play at an online casino, then first you need to make sure of its reliability, carefully read the rules of the game and the payment system. Then you just have to find a way to beat the roulette wheel.

There are no hard and fast rules of the game in roulette, so the winning depends mainly on chance and how lucky the player is. The chances of becoming a winner can be greatly enhanced if you follow a specific strategy. To find out how to beat the casino at roulette, check out the most popular ways. Try using the method below.

How to win in online roulette steps:

  1. Find an online casino where, according to the established rules, you can skip some of the moves. This will allow you to test in practice a strategy that guarantees you a win in roulette almost 100% of the time. To start the game, you will need to register. After that, deposit at least 300 rubles into your account.
  2. Play idle at first. When one color wins five times on the roulette wheel, bet one ruble in the next game. to the opposite. If you chose red, and black turned out to be the winner again, then bet twice as much on black. Adhere to this system of increasing the rate in each case, when a color appears opposite to the one you have chosen.
  3. The probability of getting the same color 12 times in a row is very low. You will have a better chance with ten or eleven hits. Such a system significantly reduces the risk of losing. The probability of beating the casino rises to almost 100% if you start the game with 10 empty bets. Keep in mind that following this strategy, the game can take a long time, but with fewer idle games, you risk losing most of your money. You can get a bigger win by increasing your bet.
  4. To win in a virtual casino, you can use special software applications that offer their own ways of how to beat online roulette. There are many analysis programs that make it possible to play in automatic mode. Such applications are, in fact, based on the application of the above strategy. The advantage of using such programs is that you do not need to be present while playing at the computer. However, this method also has its drawbacks – you will have to pay about $ 50 to get the key.

French roulette online rules. History.

Each gambling game is shrouded in a certain aura of mystery, a mixture of real facts, legends and myths. Roulette is no exception in this matter. Its origins date back almost to the times of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. They say that the soldiers at their leisure loved to have fun, placing bets and spinning either a wheel from a chariot or a shield. French roulette has a particularly complicated history, which is considered the ancestor of all other “Ferris wheels”: European and American. This is a certain paradox, because it finally appeared as a roulette with its own rules only in the middle of the twentieth century, when the ban on gambling was lifted in France. The most reliable is perhaps the fact that the term “roulette” itself is of French origin and is translated as “small wheel”.

Rumor attributes the invention of roulette to the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal. It is said that he made the first roulette wheel in 1655 to trick a perpetual motion machine (a very common hobby of scientists for many centuries). According to another version, he only theoretically substantiated the principle of its functioning, and others made the wheel of Fortune. However, the name of the mathematician is forever associated with roulette.

Roulette got its modern look in 1842, when the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc proposed to divide the playing field into 37 sectors, numbered from 1 to 36 and entering the cell “zero”. It is “zero”, as it is usually called, that gives a certain advantage to the casino. Actually, the differences in the rules of the game of all types of roulette “revolve” around him. But by that time, gambling was once again banned in France, and François Blanc opened his casino in Monte Carlo, where he was requested by the royal family. Since then, roulette has been “walking” around the planet, becoming the main attribute of gambling houses.

Having arrived a little late from other countries, the French, nevertheless, did not introduce the versions widespread at that time. The French roulette got its own rules and thus won back its position, which was originally prepared for it by history. Who first came up with them – history is silent, but it was thanks to them that it became very popular.

French roulette – rules:

First of all, you have to become a little French in order to sit down at the table where the French roulette is located. It can only be played using French terms. But the main difference, nevertheless, is not only in their use.

The En Prison and La Partage rules apply here. These rules are similar to each other and apply in the event of a “zero” on the wheel. This is what French roulette is all about. Playing it for money is not so painful. If the player bets on equal chances (red / black, even / odd, big / small) and sends the bet “to prison”, then if the ball stops on the “zero” sector, the player has the right to either take back half of his bet, or leave them further in the game. The same goes for the second rule. Here you can also get back half of your money in case of “zero”. Because of this innovation, the advantage of the casino is reduced to 1.35% (in the European version it is 2.7%, in the American – up to 5.26%). Some casinos offer these two rules when playing European roulette, but this is only a sign of the French “ferris wheel”. French roulette,

Another difference of this type of roulette is that bets can be made during the rotation of the wheel, until the dealer announces the termination of accepting bets. True, online French roulette does not have such an advantage. In this case, you can only place bets before the start of the game.

For a beginner player, such a “weakness” is quite at hand, because first you can try your luck on French roulette, and then move on to more “hard” European and American option

Roulette Tricks Can Make Your Gambling Experience More Exciting

Roulette became popular due to its simple rules and high winning odds. You can take all just if you guess the winning number and color. Certainly, this is a game of chance but you need to get familiar with some roulette tricks to get the best results and a high payout rate. The correct gaming strategy can affect your chances of winning.

Feel bored of roulette? Try to take some time and play pokies for real money in Australia, then return back.

Best Online Roulette Payout Tricks

Roulette provides an amazing variety of betting opportunities, but all the bets are quite straightforward. Take the bet type into account – remember that different types of wagers amount to certain numbers of chips. The bet type you choose depends on the bet amount and the situation. To get the correct payout, make sure that you put your chips in exactly the right place on the table. If your chip isn’t in the right spot, you’ll miss the payout.

How do the roulette payouts work? The formula is ‘x to 1’. That means you’ll win x dollars for every dollar you’ve bet. Let’s have a closer look. The single number bet features a payout of 35 to 1. If you win, you’ll get your dollar back and the $35 as a prize.

Some Electronic Roulette Tricks To Help You Win

Electronic roulette tables are very popular in some countries where the traditional roulette is illegal. The electronic version of the game is also based on the random number outcome. But still, you can learn some tricks that can help you become successful. There are some aspects of the game that can affect your chances of winning.

  • Use bonus spins to play for free. Never play for real money if you don’t have enough practice. Free spins can be given to new gamers or as a daily or monthly promotion.
  • Analyze your mistakes and polish up your gaming skills all the time.
  • Never give up being on the losing string, go on using the roulette tricks.
  • Use all the available software such as roulette trainers, diagrams, and calculators.
  • Choose the roulette variation with the low house advantage. It is known that European Roulette provides higher odds because this variation has only one zero. American Roulette features double zero and it lowers your chances of winning.
  • Think of your bet amount and analyze the situation to select the most appropriate bet type. Take into account the outcome probability, success percentage, and expected return to figure out the next move.
  • Choose a more familiar table layout. It can help you guess the winning numbers more often.

Despine the fact that the gambler’s success when playing roulette depends on the wheel spinning and the random ball movements, this game involves some logical thinking and the ability to predict. If you choose the roulette variation that suits you best, you will get more winning opportunities.

Roulette Payouts Make It Possible For You To Win A Lot

The success when playing roulette depends on the wheel spinning and the random ball movements. Players make wagers placing the chips on numbers and colors.

As soon as the wheel starts spinning, the ball is moving along the track. The total prize is taken by the one who guessed the winning number. Players are usually interested in how to calculate Roulette payouts in any sequence of events including the case when the ball lands on the green.

What Happens When The Ball lands On Green?

Unless you’re betting on zero, all wagers lose when the ball lands on the green. At first, let’s have a look at the green payouts for the American roulette wheel. When the bet is placed on zero, the payout is 35 to 1 if this bet hits. When you bet on double zero, the payout will be 35 to 1 again. It’s quite a tricky thing because your chance to win is a little bit reduced. You may lose everything if the odds are against you.

But what is the intended purpose of the green section? The green zero provides the game with an element of risk. There is no fun at all in betting on a sure thing, the wheel adds a slight house edge by including the zero. This is what makes roulette such a challenging thing to play. There is a wonderful chance of winning when you make your wagers, but the smallest chance of losing is what creates an incredibly exciting experience and tension when playing.

How to Calculate The American Roulette Payouts And Odds?

American Roulette is one of the most challenging roulette variations and gamblers often wonder about its odds and payouts. To put it simply, the game features the additional double zero and it drags down winning odds for the players but still, you can learn the basic strategies to be successful. There are some aspects of the game that can help you calculate the payouts and odds.

  • As it was mentioned above, American Roulette features the additional double zero and it lowers winning odds for the players.
  • Various bet types amount to different numbers of chips. Think of your bet amount and analyze the situation to select the most appropriate bet type and increase the roulette payouts.
  • Use the roulette calculator to find out the winning odds and possible payouts in any sequence of events. The user should just enter the color, the number range, the bet type and size, then, select the necessary outcome

Remember that it’s impossible to calculate the odds and payouts exactly. American Roulette involves some logical thinking and the ability to predict. Try to figure out the next move and win the game using your intuition. Your success is always the combination of the strategy, gaming competence and luck.