Play Roulette wheel online: How to do it?

Play Roulette wheel online: top leisure activity

Many gamblers get a pleasure just when the sound of a ball, rotating in the Roulette, is heard. Besides, the most online gambling sources have very advanced software with realistic sounds. That’s why the main desire of this game’s followers is just sit into the comfortable chair and to play Roulette wheel online. Another advantage of online play casino Roulette game is the variety and different types of this entertainment. Of course, the main rules remain more or less the same, but still some differences allow creating own “audience”.

Aussie’s choice is to play Roulette wheel online of Multi type

The main peculiarity of Multi Roulette is an opportunity to play Roulette wheel online game simultaneously on several tables. A player makes different bets on different wheels. It’s the best variant for those, who prefer to have more chances to win within a short time. The most popular type of such game is a variant with 8 different wheels, and as a consequence 8 different bets. Thus, if a gambler wants to make a bet on the number 13, as an example, the minimal bet is 8 chips. At the same time, if the luck is behind the back and some wheels have this number, the win will be 35 to 1 for every winning bet.

Play Roulette wheel online:

Many players, when they decide to try own fortune in Multi Roulette, want to know some particular qualities of the game, and the main of them are described below.

  • As the basic game of Multi Roulette is a European Roulette Wheel variant, the house edge is 2.70 %. It’s obviously that this criterion is lower, than American type has.
  • If a decision to play Roulette wheel online of this type is made, a player should be sure that there are enough funds on the account to make a bet on all 8 wheels. Otherwise, the turn is impossible.
  • All games of this type are fully certificated and safe, that’s why all players shouldn’t worry about own pocket.
  • There are many gambling sources, special websites and other programs, which allow playing Multi wheel Roulette for free, or in a demo mode.
  • If a gambler wants to play Multi Roulette, different sizes of bets are available, even the smallest ones.

The most experienced players use different strategies to earn much money, but, in any case, nobody can give any guarantees that the profit is in the pocket for sure.

Roulette Wheel Roulette for free

There are many online casinos, which offer free versions of Roulette, or, at least, demo modes to their users. Free of charges games are usually organized in 2 ways: without any registration or download; with simple steps to take, during logging in procedure. In both ways every gambler is welcome to start playing the favorite game just in some minutes after visiting this or that gambling source.

European Roulette Wheel Strategy: Peculiarities of Betting System

European Roulette Wheel strategy will turn a pleasant pastime into real earnings!

European roulette is a classic game that can be found in every self-respecting casino. Of course, this is both the simplest and most exciting gambling game, the history of which dates back to the middle of the 18th century. Anyone can learn the rules of the game and find an online European Roulette strategy without difficulty. Even a plumber with three classes of a parish school will easily understand all the intricacies of this game. A wide range of bets makes it easier to investigate European Roulette Wheel strategy both: for those who like to tickle their nerves with high bets on different numbers, and for people who prefer an even upward betting movement.

General Aspects about Winning Strategy in European Roulette Wheel

The main thing that needs to be learned is that the Roulette European strategy and the American roulette strategy system are far from the same thing. The first step in applying the best European Roulette Wheel strategy is choosing the original roulette. The fact is that when betting on one number in American roulette, the casino advantage over the player is 5.26%, when, as in the European casino advantage, when betting on the number is half as much and equal to 2.70%. The reason for this difference is that in American roulette, besides the familiar zero, there is also a double zero. It increases the advantage of the casino significantly. After all, the choice for single bets is becoming wider, and payments in case of victory remain the same. There is one “zero” on the wheel of European roulette, so this is the best option for those who want to compensate for the effect of dispersion. The advantage of the platform is reduced, and in the long run, the player earns more or loses less.

European Roulette Wheel

European Roulette Wheel Strategy: the Distinctive Features of Betting

Beginners are better off turning their attention to external bets. Payouts in case of winning will be small, but the chances of winning are much more prominent. Players wishing to engage in battle with Luck are better off betting on small groups of numbers. The rewards, in this scenario, are already quite substantial, and the chance of victory still exists. These are internal bets made with the capture of neighboring numbers:

  • Players can bet on two numbers according to European Roulette Wheel strategy, which is called Split and promises to win of 17:1;
  • A bet on three numbers in a row is called Street, and the odds are 11:1;
  • They can also bet a corner or across (Corner) on four numbers with a payout of 8:1;
  • A bet on six numbers is called a line or Sixline and guarantees a win of 5:1.

The main mistake of almost all new players is that they spend their chips in vain. Often several types of bets are made, although their potential to win is equal to the chance of winning one, which will be much cheaper. For example, players made a single bet of $ 70 on small numbers (1-18), which guarantees a payout of 1 to 1. Perhaps the ball will stop in the interval 1-18, then their winnings will be $ 140. If the ball lands on one of the highest numbers, then the players will lose $ 70. The chance to win by betting $ 108 on all numbers is equal to the chance of winning, with one bet on $ 70. Is there any difference in red-black bets concerning the European Roulette Wheel strategy? Outside bets are considered friendly to the players as they offer low risk and reasonable payouts. A bet on red refers to external bets since almost half of the numbers on the roulette wheel are colored red.

Casino Roulette wheel online: start to spin whenever you want

Casino Roulette wheel online without download

Virtual Roulette appeared in the world of gambling as soon as providers launched the first online casino platform. And this is not surprising, because the wheel of fortune has always been wildly popular among gambling people around the world.

Why do people choose Roulette? Because in this gambling entertainment there are the rules, which are quite simple and clear, and at the same time there is a very exciting atmosphere of the playing process itself. When the dealer launches a ball on the wheel with 36 numbers, the participants of the entertainment simply take their breath away from excitement. These moments of casino Roulette wheel online cannot be compared to any other online casino games.

Live Roulette format

Today you will find free casino game online Roulette on any Australian casino portals. This entertainment is very popular not only for novice users of gaming clubs, but also for real professionals of online casinos. Especially recently, the trend of playing Roulette wheel online with a live dealer has begun to develop.

This unique synthesis of an online game format and a live dealer combines a land-based club and a virtual one. If you want to experience the atmosphere of a real casino at home, then try to run a virtual game Roulette online casino with a live dealer on your gadget.

Casino Roulette wheel online

Experienced gamers advise beginners to try live casino Roulette wheel online for several reasons:

  • Live format of the game will give you almost the same pleasure as visiting a real land-based club with Roulette;
  • During this game, you will be able to constantly communicate with the dealer, ask questions, and so on, which will make your gambling experience more vivid and memorable.
  • While communicating with a live dealer, you will have a unique opportunity to study the features of casino Roulette wheel online, since the dealer will constantly comment on your actions and his own;
  • Live Roulette is now available to users even without pre-installing it on a computer, which means that you can start playing the game instantly.

This is an incomplete list of all the obvious advantages that live casino Roulette wheel online has. Perhaps when you start playing, you will find additional advantages of this unique entertainment.

Where can you play online Roulette without downloading?

Many modern customers of virtual casinos in Australia do not like to spend time installing games and slots on their devices. They prefer to play here and now, without waiting for the slot or game to be installed on the computer. To do this, providers have invented gaming platforms that can be played even without pre-installation.

Today, many virtual clubs in Australia provide an option for their visitors to play casino Roulette wheel online no download. In order to become a participant in this process, you only need to have constant access to uninterrupted Internet.

Australian casino users can enjoy the advantages offered by various modern versions of Roulette without downloading. All the best options from well-known providers suggest a similar way of gameplay. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a cool game with a live dealer without downloading, choose the best online casino in Australia and start the round.

On many gambling portals, you will find wheel of fortune contests in both paid and Demo formats. The test mode is ideal for those casino customers who are just beginning to try their hand at gambling entertainment. Online Roulette, which is available even without downloading, is a great way to learn how to play well and profitably.

No need to download casino Roulette wheel online to your device attracts users who want to access the best casinos in Australia from a tablet or smartphone and to have a possibility to play everywhere and at any time.

American Roulette Wheel Strategy: James Bond’s Method and Other Tips

American Roulette Wheel Strategy From James Bond, And Other Tactical Advice

American roulette is highly popular in the US, Australia best online casino sites for real money and other regions of the world. What distinguishes this variety from the European version is the counter-clockwise numeration and the additional wheel division with double zeroes. The latter worsens your chances of winning by a fair bit, which prompts players to seek a winning American roulette wheel strategy.

Roulette Strategy: American Game In Australian Casinos

Unfortunately for gamblers, not a single American roulette wheel strategy guarantees your winning. However, players who stick to a certain pattern of betting have an easier time managing their bankroll. Introducing a system of betting helps you handle the randomness of the American Casino roulette and makes the gambling experience more enjoyable.

Strategic Tips For Players Of American Roulette

Adhering to the following recommendations can minimize your losses, should Lady Fortune frown at you in real money casino Australia.

Roulette Strategy: American
  1. In order to minimize your risks, you have to wager on 50/50 chance: an odd or even number, a red or black number, a high (between 19 and 36) or low (between 1 and 18) number.
  2. Refrain from “five bets” (bets on a combination of five numbers) including the double zero. This is a useful American roulette wheel strategy, as such a bet works against you, raising the house edge significantly.
  3. Setting time limits for your gambling session is a crucial part of any winning strategy. When you’re at the beginning of a losing streak, quitting is the optimal choice. If you attempt to turn the tide, you may face dispiriting losses.
  4. Limiting your bankroll for the roulette session is even more important. Set aside a sum you’re fully prepared to lose.

If you do lose the money, quit the game for the time being and test your luck on another occasion.

James Bond’s American Roulette Wheel Strategy

Learn James Bond’s American roulette wheel strategy – arguably the best American roulette strategy, and get some useful tactical tips. Players debate whether this is the best American roulette strategy, but it’s definitely one of the simplest betting tactics. The gambler is required to wager $200. Spread the sum on three bets in highly uneven proportions:

  • $140 goes on a high bet (numbers between 19 and 36). Your profit measures $80 if the ball lands on a high number section.
  • $50 goes on a six bet (between 13 and 18). You net a hundred dollar profit if the ball settles on one of these numbers.
  • $10 goes on a zero bet. This can bring you a profit of $160.

Should the ball settle on any section between 1 and 12, it’s a loss for you. The strategy envisages raising your bets.

American Roulette Wheel Strategy And Gameplay: FAQ

Let’s answer some of the gamblers’ frequently asked questions about the American Roulette wheel strategy and algorithms.

  • How high is the house edge? Due to the presence of the double zero sector, the house edge amounts to 5.26%, which is almost twice as high as the respective value in the European version.
  • Is the result of a wheel spin completely random? Roulette games employ various RNG tools with certified fairness. This guarantees every spin delivers an absolutely random result.
  • Do online casinos offer bonuses in American roulette?Most do, but the bonuses come with higher wagering requirements that you must fulfill before you can cash out your wins.

Regardless of what your preferred American roulette wheel strategy is, you’re going to have a marvelous gambling experience playing this game in an Australian online casino.

American Casino Roulette Australia Review: All Gamblers Are Welcome

American Casino Roulette Australia: the Best Casinos to Take a Chance

American Roulette, a simple yet fascinating game of chance, is available both in land casinos and virtual ones. Perhaps there’s no gambler who wouldn’t be familiar with this fascinating game!

Did you know that the whole mystic that surrounds the game concerns adding all the numbers of the casino roulette wheel online? It will be equal to 666. This may or may not sound spooky to you, but one thing is for sure – the American casino roulette Australia is a highly enjoyable game that can be profitable if played strategically.

Most Credible American Casino Roulette Online for Real Money in Australia Sites

Are you going to spin American roulette online casino for real money? If yes, then you will need a decent welcome bonus to boost your bankroll. The best online casinos will provide a high probability of winning, amazing software, prompt customer support, amazing deposit options.

So, here we have prepared a list of the best American casino roulette Australia sites you can try straight away. Every American roulette casino app is applicable with both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Slotomania.
  2. Caesars Slots.
  3. Jackpot City.
  4. Spin Palace.
  5. House of Fun.
  6. PlayAmo.
  7. Joka Room.
  8. Johnny Kash.
  9. 21 Dukes.
  10. 7 Spins.

How to Win American Roulette Online

American roulette is definitely one of the most exciting casino games played worldwide. The entertainment and emotions you get are unmatched. And if you enjoy taking the wheel for a spin, you must be a great fan of American roulette casino game. Unfortunately, despite the thrilling feature of the game, the odds that players get are perhaps the worst of all casino games.

Anyway, you shouldn’t despair since we have collected some really helpful tips on winning the game. And if you wonder how to win the game, here are the most common winning strategies of American casino roulette Australia. Pick up the one and rake in the chips:

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale Strategy presumes doubling your bets every time you lose starting with the minimal bet. The aim is to recoup all previous losses while gaining small profits. The rule is to place the wagers exceptionally on one color and double it till you get a win. The strategy steps are:

  • get a roulette table with minimum bet;
  • bet either on red or black with a small wager;
  • if won, put the income aside and repeat the previous step; if not, double your bet on the same color;
  • repeat the process until you reach the max bet at the table.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

If the Martingale strategy seems too risky for you, this one for gambling at American roulette online casino can be a good alternative. It implies increasing and decreasing your bets based by one. And this all seems much safer. Here are the steps to adhere to:

  • bet a small wager on even or odd; black or red;
  • if you win, decrease the bet by one;
  • if you lose, increase your bet by one;
  • once the number of wins and losses are equal, you can walk away;
  • in case you have had more losses than wins, stick to the strategy till they are equal.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Another popular strategy for playing American casino roulette Australia is the Fibonacci Strategy. The latter involves betting by adding the last two bets together – just like in the Fibonacci sequence. Due to this strategy, you can leave the game in profit even if you have lost more times than won. The steps are as follows:

  • bet a small wager on even or odd; black or red;
  • in case you lose, bet again the same amount;
  • if you lose the second time, increase in the Fibonacci sequence;
  • whenever you win, go back two number in the sequence;
  • walk away when the amount of money you’ve won is more than that you’ve lost (don’t rely on the number of wins/losses ratio).