American Casino Roulette Australia Review: All Gamblers Are Welcome

American Casino Roulette Australia: the Best Casinos to Take a Chance

American Roulette, a simple yet fascinating game of chance, is available both in land casinos and virtual ones. Perhaps there’s no gambler who wouldn’t be familiar with this fascinating game!

Did you know that the whole mystic that surrounds the game concerns adding all the numbers of the casino roulette wheel online? It will be equal to 666. This may or may not sound spooky to you, but one thing is for sure – the American casino roulette Australia is a highly enjoyable game that can be profitable if played strategically.

Most Credible American Casino Roulette Online for Real Money in Australia Sites

Are you going to spin American roulette online casino for real money? If yes, then you will need a decent welcome bonus to boost your bankroll. The best online casinos will provide a high probability of winning, amazing software, prompt customer support, amazing deposit options.

So, here we have prepared a list of the best American casino roulette Australia sites you can try straight away. Every American roulette casino app is applicable with both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Slotomania.
  2. Caesars Slots.
  3. Jackpot City.
  4. Spin Palace.
  5. House of Fun.
  6. PlayAmo.
  7. Joka Room.
  8. Johnny Kash.
  9. 21 Dukes.
  10. 7 Spins.

How to Win American Roulette Online

American roulette is definitely one of the most exciting casino games played worldwide. The entertainment and emotions you get are unmatched. And if you enjoy taking the wheel for a spin, you must be a great fan of American roulette casino game. Unfortunately, despite the thrilling feature of the game, the odds that players get are perhaps the worst of all casino games.

Anyway, you shouldn’t despair since we have collected some really helpful tips on winning the game. And if you wonder how to win the game, here are the most common winning strategies of American casino roulette Australia. Pick up the one and rake in the chips:

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale Strategy presumes doubling your bets every time you lose starting with the minimal bet. The aim is to recoup all previous losses while gaining small profits. The rule is to place the wagers exceptionally on one color and double it till you get a win. The strategy steps are:

  • get a roulette table with minimum bet;
  • bet either on red or black with a small wager;
  • if won, put the income aside and repeat the previous step; if not, double your bet on the same color;
  • repeat the process until you reach the max bet at the table.

The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

If the Martingale strategy seems too risky for you, this one for gambling at American roulette online casino can be a good alternative. It implies increasing and decreasing your bets based by one. And this all seems much safer. Here are the steps to adhere to:

  • bet a small wager on even or odd; black or red;
  • if you win, decrease the bet by one;
  • if you lose, increase your bet by one;
  • once the number of wins and losses are equal, you can walk away;
  • in case you have had more losses than wins, stick to the strategy till they are equal.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Another popular strategy for playing American casino roulette Australia is the Fibonacci Strategy. The latter involves betting by adding the last two bets together – just like in the Fibonacci sequence. Due to this strategy, you can leave the game in profit even if you have lost more times than won. The steps are as follows:

  • bet a small wager on even or odd; black or red;
  • in case you lose, bet again the same amount;
  • if you lose the second time, increase in the Fibonacci sequence;
  • whenever you win, go back two number in the sequence;
  • walk away when the amount of money you’ve won is more than that you’ve lost (don’t rely on the number of wins/losses ratio).

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