American Roulette Wheel Strategy: James Bond’s Method and Other Tips

American Roulette Wheel Strategy From James Bond, And Other Tactical Advice

American roulette is highly popular in the US, Australia best online casino sites for real money and other regions of the world. What distinguishes this variety from the European version is the counter-clockwise numeration and the additional wheel division with double zeroes. The latter worsens your chances of winning by a fair bit, which prompts players to seek a winning American roulette wheel strategy.

Roulette Strategy: American Game In Australian Casinos

Unfortunately for gamblers, not a single American roulette wheel strategy guarantees your winning. However, players who stick to a certain pattern of betting have an easier time managing their bankroll. Introducing a system of betting helps you handle the randomness of the American Casino roulette and makes the gambling experience more enjoyable.

Strategic Tips For Players Of American Roulette

Adhering to the following recommendations can minimize your losses, should Lady Fortune frown at you in real money casino Australia.

Roulette Strategy: American
  1. In order to minimize your risks, you have to wager on 50/50 chance: an odd or even number, a red or black number, a high (between 19 and 36) or low (between 1 and 18) number.
  2. Refrain from “five bets” (bets on a combination of five numbers) including the double zero. This is a useful American roulette wheel strategy, as such a bet works against you, raising the house edge significantly.
  3. Setting time limits for your gambling session is a crucial part of any winning strategy. When you’re at the beginning of a losing streak, quitting is the optimal choice. If you attempt to turn the tide, you may face dispiriting losses.
  4. Limiting your bankroll for the roulette session is even more important. Set aside a sum you’re fully prepared to lose.

If you do lose the money, quit the game for the time being and test your luck on another occasion.

James Bond’s American Roulette Wheel Strategy

Learn James Bond’s American roulette wheel strategy – arguably the best American roulette strategy, and get some useful tactical tips. Players debate whether this is the best American roulette strategy, but it’s definitely one of the simplest betting tactics. The gambler is required to wager $200. Spread the sum on three bets in highly uneven proportions:

  • $140 goes on a high bet (numbers between 19 and 36). Your profit measures $80 if the ball lands on a high number section.
  • $50 goes on a six bet (between 13 and 18). You net a hundred dollar profit if the ball settles on one of these numbers.
  • $10 goes on a zero bet. This can bring you a profit of $160.

Should the ball settle on any section between 1 and 12, it’s a loss for you. The strategy envisages raising your bets.

American Roulette Wheel Strategy And Gameplay: FAQ

Let’s answer some of the gamblers’ frequently asked questions about the American Roulette wheel strategy and algorithms.

  • How high is the house edge? Due to the presence of the double zero sector, the house edge amounts to 5.26%, which is almost twice as high as the respective value in the European version.
  • Is the result of a wheel spin completely random? Roulette games employ various RNG tools with certified fairness. This guarantees every spin delivers an absolutely random result.
  • Do online casinos offer bonuses in American roulette?Most do, but the bonuses come with higher wagering requirements that you must fulfill before you can cash out your wins.

Regardless of what your preferred American roulette wheel strategy is, you’re going to have a marvelous gambling experience playing this game in an Australian online casino.

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