European Roulette wheel for online gamers

European Roulette wheel for online gamers

The most expressive and dynamic game at modern casino, Roulette, has always attracted the attention of gambling people. If you enter a land-based club with various gaming tables, you can be sure that the noisiest table with a lot of players will be Roulette. An interesting fact of this exciting game is that the rules of Roulette have not changed for several centuries.

Today, this amazing entertainment can be found in any virtual casino. There are several classic types of wheels, among which the most profitable and interesting is the European Roulette wheel.

The odds of winning European Roulette

If you decide to learn how to play Roulette well, then start your journey with the European version. But first you need to know the rules and features of this type of a wheel game. On the European Roulette wheel table, there are numbers from 1 to 36, on which bets are placed. There is only one Zero symbol. The main attribute of the game, the wheel, has two main colors: red and black. These color cells refer to those zones on the Roulette playing field where users place their chips. It is believed that this type of game has the highest chances of winning for gamers.

Any game in the casino has its own chances of winning. In some competitions, customers win quite easily, and in others, the victory comes at a great price. It is not so difficult to win in European Roulette. The main thing is to learn the rules and follow the advice of experienced gamers. The winning odds here directly depend on the type of bet. If you bet on a single number, the chance of winning will be minimal. And if you bet, for example, on the color of the sector the odds will be higher. Also, always remember that the more likely you are to win the game, the lower the payout ratio will be.

The odds to win in European Roulette wheel are higher than in the American Roulette wheel version. Thus, the percentage of probability of winning is:

  • Bid on the number of European Roulette wheel – 2.7%;
  • Split – 5.41%;
  • Street – 9.3%;
  • Corner – 10.82%;
  • Black/red – 47.37%;
  • Even/odd – 47.37%;
  • 1-18 and 19-36 – 47.37%.

The list above shows the most popular betting positions in European Roulette wheel free. Also, there are other types of bets in the game that have different coefficient indicators. In order to understand what type of bet is optimal and most profitable for you, just start playing!

Tips by professional gamers

Every player dreams of winning at an online casino. But in order to feel the sweet taste of victory, you need to make some efforts. The more often you play online Roulette, the higher your skill level will be. This will directly affect your likely winnings. Many players create their own strategies that allow them to win at European Roulette. Theoretically, this is really possible, but before you create your own ways of playing European Roulette wheel, first listen to the tips and tricks of professionals.

Experienced casino gamers recommend to novice Roulette players do not try to cheat the virtual club. Today, you can find tips on hacking programs and cheating the Roulette wheel on the Internet. But you should not trust these fake scam schemes. Both land-based casinos and virtual Roulette machines are equipped with a reliable security system. Keep in mind that the online game works on the principle of a random number generator.

Playing European Roulette wheel games is an incredibly fun and exciting gambling activity. Therefore, it will be better if you refer this battle as a game. The result in European Roulette mostly depends on the gamer’s luck. Also, another important term for a successful Roulette play is the ability to manage gaming budget and make successful bets.

Professional European Roulette players advise beginners to determine the exact amount they are going to spend on a round before playing. This is the most important criterion for a successful game, especially for beginners.

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