How to win casino roulette game

Roulette daily attracts millions of players. Unlike poker or blackjack which use strategy and thinking, roulette is a game of luck where you cannot try to bluff or count cards. However, it is possible to increase your chances of winning by following a few tips. Thus, how to win casino roulette in a real and online gambling house?

How to win casino roulette in Canada

The question of how to win playing roulette at casino is keen for all gamblers that love this game: people want to make big money. Here we have collected several tips for those, who have a serious intention to beat a casino.

Pick European game

Most casinos offer a choice of several roulette tables including American and European ones. Always choose the European one, because it only has a single 0 slot, which gives you a higher chance of winning and reduces the casino edge (to 2.63%).

Choose a licensed casino

Never play at a site with a low rating. It is doubtful that haters have left negative reviews. Any trusted casino must also have slots to let visitors try for free. There are also several roulette slot simulators there: play them and “dive” into the game.

Use the welcome bonuses

If the casino offers you free credits, take the opportunity to play them on the games available. Remember to consult the terms and conditions of the bonus before you start to know the precise rules. Then take advantage of the bonus to try to win more.

Win every time in roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance: this means that each roulette spin is always random, unrelated to the previous spin. All guys that ask about a casino roulette — how to win every time — must know it. Many gamblers tend to guess the outcome by looking at the previous round, but they have no connection. A number can come out 3 times in a row or red can come out 10 times. Casino sites use powerful RNGs, and each number is as likely to come up as any other with each spin of the wheel.

There are also some recommendations (even strategies) for newbies.

  1. If you are curious how to win casino roulette (win money), place two bets on the columns and half the sum on the red: the column from 3 to 36 has 8 red numbers and only 4 black. One of the roulette strategies is therefore to place a chip on red and two chips on columns 1 to 34 and columns 2 to 35. You thus cover 24 numbers out of 36 and the bet on red covers the red numbers on the third column. So you have 2 out of 3 chances of winning with your bets on both columns.
  2. Bet on a few low numbers (1-18) and the same amount on high numbers (19-36): This is another recommended online roulette strategy. Place bets on a few low numbers (1-18) and the same amount on high numbers. If a high number comes up, you are a winner, but also if the ball lands on one of your low numbers.
  3. Besides, you can read online about some popular like Martingale and learn them playing the game first for free.

Finally, never spend at a casino more than you planned, and you will be not disappointed in a game.

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