Roulette Table: The Advantage Of Wide Bets Range & Different Limits

With the development of the Internet, roulette has become more diverse, and many different versions and branches have appeared. In classic roulette, numbers from 1 to 36, as well as “0”, also called “zero,” are applied to the wheel. A roulette table is a field on which the same numbers as on the online roulette wheel are displayed in the form of a table, as well as various types of bets.

Roulette Table: General Aspects, Strategy & Odds

The goal of the roulette game is to predict the winning number and make a bet on it. Bets can be divided into three types. Internal Bets (Inside Bets) – these are bets on specific numbers, which are located on the playing field in the form of a table. Outside Bets are all other bets, namely: red/white, odd / even, number intervals, etc. The term “external” came from the fact that such bets are placed on the fields located on the edge of the playing field with numbers. Virtually all participants can bet on all numbers at casino roulette table. Besides:

  • Making bets on additional fields common to some numbers of roulette table can also help to develop a strategy on how to win roulette;
  • Payout ratios in case of a win are usually standard but may vary depending on the type of roulette. It should be borne in mind that the very designation of rates may vary;
  • When betting on “red”, the payout can be indicated as 2:1. But in some casinos, such a payout can be indicated 1:1 and shows a net win;
  • Roulette table is a mathematically determined device based on the fact that roulette odds and payouts are not equal (usually less) to the chances of a winning number.

In practice, roulette is unpredictable, and history knows cases where players won and lost large amounts of money at roulette just because they were too lucky or, on the contrary, were not.

Types Of Roulette: The Distinctive Features

This simple game has several varieties: there is American and European roulette, as well as French, which is similar to European. Now about all the nuances:

  • In European roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors, painted in red and black, while the colors must be alternated. Each of the sectors is numbered from 0 to 36. The sectors are distributed so that the ball with equal probability could stop at each digit;
  • The main feature of American roulette is in the presence of the “double zero” sector. Despite some differences between European and American roulette table, the rules and roulette strategy remain almost unchanged;
  • The French version allows players to play roulette with maximum win even in case of failure with the “zero”. It is possible thanks to the rules of “En Prison” and “La Partage”.

Although the size of gambling tables in online casinos is much closer to the American one, roulette is mainly called European.

Best Online Roulette – Canada Android Casinos Apps & Smart Betting Tips

Roulette is among the most appreciated luck-reliant casino games. You have no impact on where on the wheel the ball will land, which puts both beginners and experienced punters in identical conditions. Where the gambler’s decisions matter is the betting – with thought-out wagers, you’re way more likely to win. Find out what are the best online roulette (Canada) bets for the greatest chances of winning and get familiar with some of the most well-rounded Android casino apps with roulette games.

What Are The Best Bets To Make Playing The Best Online Roulette Canada?

The most lucrative bet in roulette is wagering on a single number, as it comes with a stunning payout of 35:1. If the ball stops in the predicted pocket, you get your wager back and a reward amounting to 35x your bet. However, your winning chance is rather minuscule – 37:1. Try this bet in the best free roulette game simulation to see how rarely it wins.

If you’re a roulette beginner looking for frequent wins, focus your attention on betting outside of the table. These bets on different groups of numbers offer moderate payouts, but the player’s winning odds are way higher.

Explaining Outside Bets In The Best Online Roulette Canada

Outside betting is an excellent low-risk option for beginners that offers high winning odds and allows for smaller bets.

  • Betting even money – your reward is equal to your wager (1:1 payout). Bet on one of the two colors, on the high half of the table (19-39) or its low half (1-18), or the number parity (even/odd). Your bet will cover 48.6% of the table.
  • Betting on dozens – the potential reward is twice your bet (2:1 payout). Wager on any of the three dozens to cover 32.4% of the table.
  • Betting on columns – one more 2:1 betting option with 32.4% coverage. Once again you wager on 12 numbers. This time they do not go in sequential order but form a column on the betting table.

The table coverage values provided above are true for European roulette. When you play the American game variant, your coverage with these bets will be 47.4% and 31.6%, respectively.

Explore The Best Online Roulette: Canada-Friendly Android Casino Apps

The criteria for choosing a mobile casino application are obvious. In addition to excellent mobile optimization, you need the software to provide a high level of security. A rich selection of roulette games goes without saying. Finally, a bountiful welcoming bonus is a perk many roulette gamblers look forward to. ComeOn Casino – a NetEnt-powered casino with about 10 roulette games and 5 live dealer tables. As a new depositor, you can treat yourself to the welcoming bonus reaching C$1500.
Royal Panda – a strong contender for the title of the best online roulette (Canada) app. All 35 roulette titles in this casino are fully optimized for mobile. Almost 30 live dealer roulette games await you as well. Your first deposit of up to C$1000 will be matched by the casino in full.
Jackpot City – 15 mobile games and about as many live dealer tables are prepared for you in this casino’s application. The casino will give you bonus cash encouragements on your first 4 deposits, totaling up to C$1600.

These casinos offer licensed gambling services both to Canadian punters and internationally. Their reputation is impeccable, and the mobile software works without a hitch.