Best Online Roulette – Canada Android Casinos Apps & Smart Betting Tips

Roulette is among the most appreciated luck-reliant casino games. You have no impact on where on the wheel the ball will land, which puts both beginners and experienced punters in identical conditions. Where the gambler’s decisions matter is the betting – with thought-out wagers, you’re way more likely to win. Find out what are the best online roulette (Canada) bets for the greatest chances of winning and get familiar with some of the most well-rounded Android casino apps with roulette games.

What Are The Best Bets To Make Playing The Best Online Roulette Canada?

The most lucrative bet in roulette is wagering on a single number, as it comes with a stunning payout of 35:1. If the ball stops in the predicted pocket, you get your wager back and a reward amounting to 35x your bet. However, your winning chance is rather minuscule – 37:1. Try this bet in the best free roulette game simulation to see how rarely it wins.

If you’re a roulette beginner looking for frequent wins, focus your attention on betting outside of the table. These bets on different groups of numbers offer moderate payouts, but the player’s winning odds are way higher.

Explaining Outside Bets In The Best Online Roulette Canada

Outside betting is an excellent low-risk option for beginners that offers high winning odds and allows for smaller bets.

  • Betting even money – your reward is equal to your wager (1:1 payout). Bet on one of the two colors, on the high half of the table (19-39) or its low half (1-18), or the number parity (even/odd). Your bet will cover 48.6% of the table.
  • Betting on dozens – the potential reward is twice your bet (2:1 payout). Wager on any of the three dozens to cover 32.4% of the table.
  • Betting on columns – one more 2:1 betting option with 32.4% coverage. Once again you wager on 12 numbers. This time they do not go in sequential order but form a column on the betting table.

The table coverage values provided above are true for European roulette. When you play the American game variant, your coverage with these bets will be 47.4% and 31.6%, respectively.

Explore The Best Online Roulette: Canada-Friendly Android Casino Apps

The criteria for choosing a mobile casino application are obvious. In addition to excellent mobile optimization, you need the software to provide a high level of security. A rich selection of roulette games goes without saying. Finally, a bountiful welcoming bonus is a perk many roulette gamblers look forward to. ComeOn Casino – a NetEnt-powered casino with about 10 roulette games and 5 live dealer tables. As a new depositor, you can treat yourself to the welcoming bonus reaching C$1500.
Royal Panda – a strong contender for the title of the best online roulette (Canada) app. All 35 roulette titles in this casino are fully optimized for mobile. Almost 30 live dealer roulette games await you as well. Your first deposit of up to C$1000 will be matched by the casino in full.
Jackpot City – 15 mobile games and about as many live dealer tables are prepared for you in this casino’s application. The casino will give you bonus cash encouragements on your first 4 deposits, totaling up to C$1600.

These casinos offer licensed gambling services both to Canadian punters and internationally. Their reputation is impeccable, and the mobile software works without a hitch.

How to win casino roulette game

Roulette daily attracts millions of players. Unlike poker or blackjack which use strategy and thinking, roulette is a game of luck where you cannot try to bluff or count cards. However, it is possible to increase your chances of winning by following a few tips. Thus, how to win casino roulette in a real and online gambling house?

How to win casino roulette in Canada

The question of how to win playing roulette at casino is keen for all gamblers that love this game: people want to make big money. Here we have collected several tips for those, who have a serious intention to beat a casino.

Pick European game

Most casinos offer a choice of several roulette tables including American and European ones. Always choose the European one, because it only has a single 0 slot, which gives you a higher chance of winning and reduces the casino edge (to 2.63%).

Choose a licensed casino

Never play at a site with a low rating. It is doubtful that haters have left negative reviews. Any trusted casino must also have slots to let visitors try for free. There are also several roulette slot simulators there: play them and “dive” into the game.

Use the welcome bonuses

If the casino offers you free credits, take the opportunity to play them on the games available. Remember to consult the terms and conditions of the bonus before you start to know the precise rules. Then take advantage of the bonus to try to win more.

Win every time in roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance: this means that each roulette spin is always random, unrelated to the previous spin. All guys that ask about a casino roulette — how to win every time — must know it. Many gamblers tend to guess the outcome by looking at the previous round, but they have no connection. A number can come out 3 times in a row or red can come out 10 times. Casino sites use powerful RNGs, and each number is as likely to come up as any other with each spin of the wheel.

There are also some recommendations (even strategies) for newbies.

  1. If you are curious how to win casino roulette (win money), place two bets on the columns and half the sum on the red: the column from 3 to 36 has 8 red numbers and only 4 black. One of the roulette strategies is therefore to place a chip on red and two chips on columns 1 to 34 and columns 2 to 35. You thus cover 24 numbers out of 36 and the bet on red covers the red numbers on the third column. So you have 2 out of 3 chances of winning with your bets on both columns.
  2. Bet on a few low numbers (1-18) and the same amount on high numbers (19-36): This is another recommended online roulette strategy. Place bets on a few low numbers (1-18) and the same amount on high numbers. If a high number comes up, you are a winner, but also if the ball lands on one of your low numbers.
  3. Besides, you can read online about some popular like Martingale and learn them playing the game first for free.

Finally, never spend at a casino more than you planned, and you will be not disappointed in a game.

French roulette online rules. History.

Each gambling game is shrouded in a certain aura of mystery, a mixture of real facts, legends and myths. Roulette is no exception in this matter. Its origins date back almost to the times of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. They say that the soldiers at their leisure loved to have fun, placing bets and spinning either a wheel from a chariot or a shield. French roulette has a particularly complicated history, which is considered the ancestor of all other “Ferris wheels”: European and American. This is a certain paradox, because it finally appeared as a roulette with its own rules only in the middle of the twentieth century, when the ban on gambling was lifted in France. The most reliable is perhaps the fact that the term “roulette” itself is of French origin and is translated as “small wheel”.

Rumor attributes the invention of roulette to the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal. It is said that he made the first roulette wheel in 1655 to trick a perpetual motion machine (a very common hobby of scientists for many centuries). According to another version, he only theoretically substantiated the principle of its functioning, and others made the wheel of Fortune. However, the name of the mathematician is forever associated with roulette.

Roulette got its modern look in 1842, when the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc proposed to divide the playing field into 37 sectors, numbered from 1 to 36 and entering the cell “zero”. It is “zero”, as it is usually called, that gives a certain advantage to the casino. Actually, the differences in the rules of the game of all types of roulette “revolve” around him. But by that time, gambling was once again banned in France, and François Blanc opened his casino in Monte Carlo, where he was requested by the royal family. Since then, roulette has been “walking” around the planet, becoming the main attribute of gambling houses.

Having arrived a little late from other countries, the French, nevertheless, did not introduce the versions widespread at that time. The French roulette got its own rules and thus won back its position, which was originally prepared for it by history. Who first came up with them – history is silent, but it was thanks to them that it became very popular.

French roulette – rules:

First of all, you have to become a little French in order to sit down at the table where the French roulette is located. It can only be played using French terms. But the main difference, nevertheless, is not only in their use.

The En Prison and La Partage rules apply here. These rules are similar to each other and apply in the event of a “zero” on the wheel. This is what French roulette is all about. Playing it for money is not so painful. If the player bets on equal chances (red / black, even / odd, big / small) and sends the bet “to prison”, then if the ball stops on the “zero” sector, the player has the right to either take back half of his bet, or leave them further in the game. The same goes for the second rule. Here you can also get back half of your money in case of “zero”. Because of this innovation, the advantage of the casino is reduced to 1.35% (in the European version it is 2.7%, in the American – up to 5.26%). Some casinos offer these two rules when playing European roulette, but this is only a sign of the French “ferris wheel”. French roulette,

Another difference of this type of roulette is that bets can be made during the rotation of the wheel, until the dealer announces the termination of accepting bets. True, online French roulette does not have such an advantage. In this case, you can only place bets before the start of the game.

For a beginner player, such a “weakness” is quite at hand, because first you can try your luck on French roulette, and then move on to more “hard” European and American option

Roulette Tricks Can Make Your Gambling Experience More Exciting

Roulette became popular due to its simple rules and high winning odds. You can take all just if you guess the winning number and color. Certainly, this is a game of chance but you need to get familiar with some roulette tricks to get the best results and a high payout rate. The correct gaming strategy can affect your chances of winning.

Feel bored of roulette? Try to take some time and play pokies for real money in Australia, then return back.

Best Online Roulette Payout Tricks

Roulette provides an amazing variety of betting opportunities, but all the bets are quite straightforward. Take the bet type into account – remember that different types of wagers amount to certain numbers of chips. The bet type you choose depends on the bet amount and the situation. To get the correct payout, make sure that you put your chips in exactly the right place on the table. If your chip isn’t in the right spot, you’ll miss the payout.

How do the roulette payouts work? The formula is ‘x to 1’. That means you’ll win x dollars for every dollar you’ve bet. Let’s have a closer look. The single number bet features a payout of 35 to 1. If you win, you’ll get your dollar back and the $35 as a prize.

Some Electronic Roulette Tricks To Help You Win

Electronic roulette tables are very popular in some countries where the traditional roulette is illegal. The electronic version of the game is also based on the random number outcome. But still, you can learn some tricks that can help you become successful. There are some aspects of the game that can affect your chances of winning.

  • Use bonus spins to play for free. Never play for real money if you don’t have enough practice. Free spins can be given to new gamers or as a daily or monthly promotion.
  • Analyze your mistakes and polish up your gaming skills all the time.
  • Never give up being on the losing string, go on using the roulette tricks.
  • Use all the available software such as roulette trainers, diagrams, and calculators.
  • Choose the roulette variation with the low house advantage. It is known that European Roulette provides higher odds because this variation has only one zero. American Roulette features double zero and it lowers your chances of winning.
  • Think of your bet amount and analyze the situation to select the most appropriate bet type. Take into account the outcome probability, success percentage, and expected return to figure out the next move.
  • Choose a more familiar table layout. It can help you guess the winning numbers more often.

Despine the fact that the gambler’s success when playing roulette depends on the wheel spinning and the random ball movements, this game involves some logical thinking and the ability to predict. If you choose the roulette variation that suits you best, you will get more winning opportunities.

Roulette Payouts Make It Possible For You To Win A Lot

The success when playing roulette depends on the wheel spinning and the random ball movements. Players make wagers placing the chips on numbers and colors.

As soon as the wheel starts spinning, the ball is moving along the track. The total prize is taken by the one who guessed the winning number. Players are usually interested in how to calculate Roulette payouts in any sequence of events including the case when the ball lands on the green.

What Happens When The Ball lands On Green?

Unless you’re betting on zero, all wagers lose when the ball lands on the green. At first, let’s have a look at the green payouts for the American roulette wheel. When the bet is placed on zero, the payout is 35 to 1 if this bet hits. When you bet on double zero, the payout will be 35 to 1 again. It’s quite a tricky thing because your chance to win is a little bit reduced. You may lose everything if the odds are against you.

But what is the intended purpose of the green section? The green zero provides the game with an element of risk. There is no fun at all in betting on a sure thing, the wheel adds a slight house edge by including the zero. This is what makes roulette such a challenging thing to play. There is a wonderful chance of winning when you make your wagers, but the smallest chance of losing is what creates an incredibly exciting experience and tension when playing.

How to Calculate The American Roulette Payouts And Odds?

American Roulette is one of the most challenging roulette variations and gamblers often wonder about its odds and payouts. To put it simply, the game features the additional double zero and it drags down winning odds for the players but still, you can learn the basic strategies to be successful. There are some aspects of the game that can help you calculate the payouts and odds.

  • As it was mentioned above, American Roulette features the additional double zero and it lowers winning odds for the players.
  • Various bet types amount to different numbers of chips. Think of your bet amount and analyze the situation to select the most appropriate bet type and increase the roulette payouts.
  • Use the roulette calculator to find out the winning odds and possible payouts in any sequence of events. The user should just enter the color, the number range, the bet type and size, then, select the necessary outcome

Remember that it’s impossible to calculate the odds and payouts exactly. American Roulette involves some logical thinking and the ability to predict. Try to figure out the next move and win the game using your intuition. Your success is always the combination of the strategy, gaming competence and luck.

Tips For Roulette In Casino That Can Help You Win

Some games are based on the random number outcome but you can win money with just one spin of the wheel. Lots of people playing roulette are eager to get some tips for roulette in casino and a piece of advice on how to win. Always take into account some tricks and basic strategies to improve your performance.

Top Roulette Strategies

Roulette is one of the most popular and easy-to-play casino games. All you need to do is to make a bet and wait for the ball to land on a certain section of the wheel. But still, some winning strategies can be suggested.

  • Making progressive bets when the outcome of a round is obvious. This strategy boosts participants to deposit more money.
  • Making non-progressive bets means keeping your bet the same through the whole game. But still, the bet can be changed at any moment if a player wants to do this.
  • Making bets on neighboring numbers involves splitting the bet and placing it on the 5 closest numbers.
  • The James Bond strategy is less-known. This method presumes to deposit the same amount of cash every game round.
Top Roulette Strategies

All these strategies are targeted at increasing your winning odds but keep in mind that roulette and its variations are based on random movements of the wheel and the strategy may not always help.

Some Tips For Roulette In Casino To Make You A Winner

Roulette is a game of chance but you need to get familiar with some basic tips to be successful. There are some tricks of the game which can affect your chances of winning.

  • Consider the roulette type – it is known that European Roulette provides higher chances of winning because it features only one “0”. That can reduce the house advantage meaningfully. American Roulette has 1 extra “00” and it lowers the chances of winning.
  • Take the bet type into account – remember that different types of wagers amount to certain numbers of chips. The bet type you choose depends on the bet amount and the situation. This one of the best tips for roulette in casino.
  • Thick of the table layout – each type has a certain number of pockets as well as the arrangement and sequence of numbers. This may affect your success. Advanced players tell that a more familiar table layout can help you guess the winning numbers easier.

There can’t be any single strategy or method. Remember that this game involves some logical skills and the ability to predict. Each aspect should be considered. Select the best roulette variation, bet type, and the table layout. To increase your winning opportunities, take your preferences, and level into account.

Spin Roulette wheel online and feel the great thing about gambling

There are 2 main types of Roulette: European and American casino roulette. European variant gives more chances to win, but for some reason, American one is well regarded, especially, of course, by gamblers from the USA and Canada. Many popular software providers create online sources, where guests have a chance to spin Roulette wheel online for free or for real money. The structure of the game is the same one, as land-based games have. It’s enough to make a bet and to hope that the fortune stands behind the back, spinning wheel Roulette instead of a gambler.

The main rules to spin Roulette wheel online

The most popular and reliable providers are Playtech, Realtime Gaming and Microgaming, and if a gambler wishes to get the best Roulette simulator, it’s better to choose from one of the mentioned variants.

General rules can be explained in just a couple of sentences. A player needs, first, to make one of possible bets. Then the button “Spin” is to be pushed and the round starts. When a ball stops in this or that cell, users receive or don’t receive the gain.

But the main aspect that should be described is a system of bets that is shown below.

  • Straight bet on any of 38 numbers including 0 and 00. This is the simplest and the most popular bet, when a gambler decides to spin Roulette wheel online.
  • Split bet can be placed on 2 neighboring numbers.
  • Street is a bet on 3 numbers by placing chips on vertical lines.
  • Parted bet can be made on 2 numbers and 0 or 00.
  • Corner is a bet on 4 numbers cross-wise.
  • Basket is a bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3.
  • Corner bet on 2 cross lines, which includes 1, 2, 3, 0 and 00.
  • A bet on 2 cross lines. So, totally it includes 6 numbers.
  • Column bet on 12 numbers.
  • A Dozen bet on 12 numbers.
  • Black or Red color cells’ bet.
  • Even or Odd bet.
  • High or Low bet. A player chooses whether the ball will “find” a number from 1 to 18, or from 19 to 36.
The main rules to spin Roulette

So, these are the bets, which can be used, playing American Roulette, and as it can be seen – there’s nothing complicated about the gaming process.

An option to spin Roulette wheel online without bet

There are some professional players, who prefer to check what numbers will be shown during some rounds to create personal strategy. And many online gambling sources give such an opportunity. So, a gambler can visit this or that online casino and spin the wheel with no need to make bets. Of course, not all websites provide guests with this option, but the biggest and well-advanced sources are ready to make this “gift” to users.

There’s also such a feature, when a player visits an online casino with a live dealer. This role usually plays a pretty looking young lady, who keeps up a conversation, or sending messages to a special chat room. There are usually several players on the table, and some sources even give a chance to see what bets other participants make.

So, there’s a great chance to skip some turns, and when the dynamics of colors and numbers is clear, a game can start personal participation in the gaming process.

European Roulette Wheel Strategy: Peculiarities of Betting System

European Roulette Wheel strategy will turn a pleasant pastime into real earnings!

European roulette is a classic game that can be found in every self-respecting casino. Of course, this is both the simplest and most exciting gambling game, the history of which dates back to the middle of the 18th century. Anyone can learn the rules of the game and find an online European Roulette strategy without difficulty. Even a plumber with three classes of a parish school will easily understand all the intricacies of this game. A wide range of bets makes it easier to investigate European Roulette Wheel strategy both: for those who like to tickle their nerves with high bets on different numbers, and for people who prefer an even upward betting movement.

General Aspects about Winning Strategy in European Roulette Wheel

The main thing that needs to be learned is that the Roulette European strategy and the American roulette strategy system are far from the same thing. The first step in applying the best European Roulette Wheel strategy is choosing the original roulette. The fact is that when betting on one number in American roulette, the casino advantage over the player is 5.26%, when, as in the European casino advantage, when betting on the number is half as much and equal to 2.70%. The reason for this difference is that in American roulette, besides the familiar zero, there is also a double zero. It increases the advantage of the casino significantly. After all, the choice for single bets is becoming wider, and payments in case of victory remain the same. There is one “zero” on the wheel of European roulette, so this is the best option for those who want to compensate for the effect of dispersion. The advantage of the platform is reduced, and in the long run, the player earns more or loses less.

European Roulette Wheel

European Roulette Wheel Strategy: the Distinctive Features of Betting

Beginners are better off turning their attention to external bets. Payouts in case of winning will be small, but the chances of winning are much more prominent. Players wishing to engage in battle with Luck are better off betting on small groups of numbers. The rewards, in this scenario, are already quite substantial, and the chance of victory still exists. These are internal bets made with the capture of neighboring numbers:

  • Players can bet on two numbers according to European Roulette Wheel strategy, which is called Split and promises to win of 17:1;
  • A bet on three numbers in a row is called Street, and the odds are 11:1;
  • They can also bet a corner or across (Corner) on four numbers with a payout of 8:1;
  • A bet on six numbers is called a line or Sixline and guarantees a win of 5:1.

The main mistake of almost all new players is that they spend their chips in vain. Often several types of bets are made, although their potential to win is equal to the chance of winning one, which will be much cheaper. For example, players made a single bet of $ 70 on small numbers (1-18), which guarantees a payout of 1 to 1. Perhaps the ball will stop in the interval 1-18, then their winnings will be $ 140. If the ball lands on one of the highest numbers, then the players will lose $ 70. The chance to win by betting $ 108 on all numbers is equal to the chance of winning, with one bet on $ 70. Is there any difference in red-black bets concerning the European Roulette Wheel strategy? Outside bets are considered friendly to the players as they offer low risk and reasonable payouts. A bet on red refers to external bets since almost half of the numbers on the roulette wheel are colored red.

American Roulette Wheel Strategy: James Bond’s Method and Other Tips

American Roulette Wheel Strategy From James Bond, And Other Tactical Advice

American roulette is highly popular in the US, Australia best online casino sites for real money and other regions of the world. What distinguishes this variety from the European version is the counter-clockwise numeration and the additional wheel division with double zeroes. The latter worsens your chances of winning by a fair bit, which prompts players to seek a winning American roulette wheel strategy.

Roulette Strategy: American Game In Australian Casinos

Unfortunately for gamblers, not a single American roulette wheel strategy guarantees your winning. However, players who stick to a certain pattern of betting have an easier time managing their bankroll. Introducing a system of betting helps you handle the randomness of the American Casino roulette and makes the gambling experience more enjoyable.

Strategic Tips For Players Of American Roulette

Adhering to the following recommendations can minimize your losses, should Lady Fortune frown at you in real money casino Australia.

Roulette Strategy: American
  1. In order to minimize your risks, you have to wager on 50/50 chance: an odd or even number, a red or black number, a high (between 19 and 36) or low (between 1 and 18) number.
  2. Refrain from “five bets” (bets on a combination of five numbers) including the double zero. This is a useful American roulette wheel strategy, as such a bet works against you, raising the house edge significantly.
  3. Setting time limits for your gambling session is a crucial part of any winning strategy. When you’re at the beginning of a losing streak, quitting is the optimal choice. If you attempt to turn the tide, you may face dispiriting losses.
  4. Limiting your bankroll for the roulette session is even more important. Set aside a sum you’re fully prepared to lose.

If you do lose the money, quit the game for the time being and test your luck on another occasion.

James Bond’s American Roulette Wheel Strategy

Learn James Bond’s American roulette wheel strategy – arguably the best American roulette strategy, and get some useful tactical tips. Players debate whether this is the best American roulette strategy, but it’s definitely one of the simplest betting tactics. The gambler is required to wager $200. Spread the sum on three bets in highly uneven proportions:

  • $140 goes on a high bet (numbers between 19 and 36). Your profit measures $80 if the ball lands on a high number section.
  • $50 goes on a six bet (between 13 and 18). You net a hundred dollar profit if the ball settles on one of these numbers.
  • $10 goes on a zero bet. This can bring you a profit of $160.

Should the ball settle on any section between 1 and 12, it’s a loss for you. The strategy envisages raising your bets.

American Roulette Wheel Strategy And Gameplay: FAQ

Let’s answer some of the gamblers’ frequently asked questions about the American Roulette wheel strategy and algorithms.

  • How high is the house edge? Due to the presence of the double zero sector, the house edge amounts to 5.26%, which is almost twice as high as the respective value in the European version.
  • Is the result of a wheel spin completely random? Roulette games employ various RNG tools with certified fairness. This guarantees every spin delivers an absolutely random result.
  • Do online casinos offer bonuses in American roulette?Most do, but the bonuses come with higher wagering requirements that you must fulfill before you can cash out your wins.

Regardless of what your preferred American roulette wheel strategy is, you’re going to have a marvelous gambling experience playing this game in an Australian online casino.